Jim Croce was a rock star and just wanted some piece and quiet. Is that too much to ask? But after getting assaulted by zombies on an ally behind Deep Ellum, things only got worse. A Dark Conspiracy had all but taken over his world, so leaving through a one-way dimensional gate didn’t seem like all that bad of an idea at the time… and ended up on a blimp in mid-flight.

Victor Creed, a Texan Autoduelist and a free-lance test driver for the latest in automotive technology and weaponry, didn’t have a second thought to the number of his flight when he got on the airship headed to Houston from New Orleans. On the same flight, Flight 13, an overly cautious Federal Agent (it’s not paranoia if they’re really after you, right?), Blake Matthews was excited to enjoy his first vacation in years in the Republic of Texas, but unfortunately turned out to be correct about aliens.

Flight 13 was abducted by spider-like aliens and injected into a massive experiment involving a twisted copy of 1988 Austin. The three of them managed to team up and survive and escape the madness (taking their solar-powered, laser armed duel trike with them), but the Markaan spaceship (or was it a chrono-shifting vessel?) they stole had a mind of it’s own and crashed on another planet, just off the coast of some desert terrain, giving everyone just enough time to get away before exploding.

The ensuing explosion caused a rift that created a temporary parachronic anchor point that pulled Engineer Lenny’s Homeline conveyor along with Claire, a 1920s Lady Adventurer to the same stretch of beach. They found themselves on a parallel world that was very close to what Tolkien called Middle Earth, complete with magic, trolls, elves, dwarves and wizards… but with the addition of reality-jumping Nazis and technologically uplifted orks. In the depths of Mirkwood Forest, an ultramodern 6 lane freeway was found, hidden from view (to the locals) by some unknown magic or technology – a freeway that leads to other worlds…

Infinite Complications

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