Plains Indian from a Parallel World Regionally Dominated by the (Evil) Aztecs


STR: 12 DEX: 13 IQ: 11 HTH: 12 HP: 12 Will: 11 Per: 11 FP: 12

Advantages & Perks
Animal Empathy: Reading Animal Motivations
Catfall: Fall = -5yrds; Roll Success = 1/2 Damage
Combat Reflexes: 1 Active Defense Rolls/Fast-Draw; +2 Fright Checks; in surprise never “freeze”; IQ +6 to wake up/recover; group = +1 Initiative
Invisible to Machines: Can’t be sensed by them
Perfect Balance: Always keep balance in normal circumstances; abnormal = +6; +4 to DX rolls; +1 Acrobatics/Climbing
Talent (
3 Explosives):
Weapon Bond (+1 Bow):

Disadvantages & Quirks
Code of Honor (Soldier’s): Remain Honorable
Dread (Unsullied): Compelling Aversion to
Hard of Hearing: -4 any Hearing/Skill Roll
Low TechLevel – 3:
Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents): Deadly force only on a foe trying to kill me.
Phobia (Xenophobe Self Control @ 15): Strange and Unknown, particularly people
Pyromania (Self Controll @ 9 or Less):
Sense of Duty (Tribe / Small Group):
Vow (Vengeance/Justice/Eye for Eye): Sworn oath against Guilty Parties.
Wierdness Magnet: Strange/Bizarre happen around me.



Loves his horse, loves his space, LOVES his EXPLOSIVES!!
Serving his rebel tribe as a scout, Subatai (thief and archer) stumbles onto and into another dimension and time. He’s confronted by a peculiarly dressed group of 4 men in the company of mechanical, metal, and wheeled carriages. They begin to converse and advance, when they and their (1920’s era) automobiles are confronted by a speeding (though stopping) 18 wheeler! This contraption comes from the same direction Subatai just did, and demolishes body and machine of half the strange party.
After the new vehicular introduer introduces itself to Subatai (knocking he and his horse unconscious), the once “native” finds himself trapped inside the large vehicle as it speeds through even more strange and new lands. When enough’s enough, Subatai makes his escape and blows up the humanoid (and his rig) who took him hostage…Subatai so enjoys a good fire. However, the horse is less impressed and bolts.
Once securing his companion, he is approached by another strange lady (Claire Sullivan), who offers to help get Subatai back home. The lady archeologist, with her friends’ help, is true to her word, and Subatai makes it back home WITH HIS HORSE, and with knowledge of a few new incindiary devices.


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